Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Slavery and Human Trafficking Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Slavery and Human Trafficking - Research Paper Example Basically, individuals are trafficked between countries or within borders of a state and in most cases, those trafficked are subjected to sexual or labor exploitation. Human trafficking is one of the most common problems affecting counties and families on every continent. Mostly, human trafficking is associated with sexual exploitation but about a third of all trafficked individuals are exclusively subjected to labor exploitation such as domestic work, packing and processing, and agricultural work among others.   Normally, the victims of human trafficking are illegally relocated to another country where they are forced into slavery conditions so to enable the traffickers can benefit financially (Healey 1). Human trafficking is a form of slavery in the modern society and it is considered a form of slavery because it involves transporting individuals to another country against their will to benefit others. Human trafficking is a global problem and it does not only occur in poor areas but also in developed places. Human trafficking is mainly for sexual abuse, elimination of organs, forced labor, or forced marriage among others. It is a crime against an individual since it violates the victim’s rights of movement via coercion and so it is strongly condemned as a violation of human rights by international conventions. The most people trafficked are migrant workers who in most cases seek to escape from poverty and improve their lives and also be able to support their families. They are dece ived that they will get well-paying jobs abroad but when they rich there, the promised job does not exist and as a result, they are forced to work in worse conditions or they find a job that they do not agree with.

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