Thursday, October 17, 2019

Patient education Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Patient education - Assignment Example Nurses have significant roles in educating the public on the five components as needed by the agreement on stroke presentation measures. They include lifestyle risk factors of the disease, signs and symptoms and how to access emergency medical services, medications, stroke prevention and follow-up. Furthermore, they can embrace educational techniques to address the modification of the five educational components after a patient has recovered from a stroke. There is no single perfect teaching method than the other for all patients suffering from stroke. Whichever technique is selected, it will normally be the most operational if it is applied with other instructional methods to improve the process of learning. The decisions on what approaches will be applied will be centered on aspects such as the teaching setting, ideal learning style, educational background, age, culture, size and audience. Common approaches applied to provide educational interventions are simulation and gaming, dem onstrations and return demonstrations, lecture, private teaching, group discussions and lectures (Hauer & Quill, 2011). Nevertheless, lively teaching involving multidisciplinary health care practitioners (HCP), family members and stroke patients interactively are more beneficial instead of passive education. Lecture is a greatly structured approach through which HCP’s or nurses transmit information verbally to stroke patients in a group with the aim of instructing them. Audio-visual assistances can be through drafted materials like a pamphlet or booklet in an acoustic form like audio compact disk or visual compact disk. However, teaching approach is not so much effective in teaching the stroke patients because it does not sustain much inspiration for patients with stroke and restricted chance for learner involvement. Additionally, the audio-visual is ineffective as the patients can sleep off while watching. It is recommended to complement this

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