Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Short questions answer Essays

Short questions answer Essays Short questions answer Essay Short questions answer Essay The objectives of the study give the study a direction. They act as guidance map by determining the procedures that will lead to eventual findings of the study. Objectives assist in determining the kind of data to use for the study and the procedures for collecting the data. Objectives determine the variables to measure in our study and, therefore, give the study a more definite purpose. Costs are easily estimated and planners are enabled to give a definite time frame in which to complete the study. Focus groups, as a source of data, are more of communicative and are qualitative. People are brought together and are stimulated to give opinions and express feelings. An example is where employees may be assembled to express their feelings towards their employer. Questionnaires are also qualitative since they ask for opinions. They are communicative since the researcher does not make observations.   A questionnaire can be used to collect data on income ranges of the respondents where the ranges are in categories.   Market tests is observational since the data recorded is captured as it occurs.   These are mostly quantitative, recording variation in market prices of commodities over time. Ethnographic study is qualitative and communicative.   It goes beyond mere observation by having the researcher totally involved in the experiences of the respondent. Biographies study can be both quantitative and qualitative but most are the latter.   Such studies are observational since there is no interaction that could amount to communication. Participant observation study is qualitative and involves more of observation of people behavioural patterns. Research that is intended to unravel corruption deals within a firm can conceal its purpose since this would raise suspicion among respondents.   Required information would not be obtained.   Market research companies may conceal the purposes of their study if they intend to find the strategies that work best for companies. Such information would be withheld by any company to avoid competition.   Some information for minorities is hard to obtain unless research purpose is concealed.   This is because minority groups feel like they are being intimated by gathering sensitive information from them. An independent variable can take a random value since its not being influenced by other factors.   A dependent variable’s value is affected by the value of another variable, the independent variable.   One such test is the Chi Square test of independence.   This test gauges whether any two independent variables have any association between them.   As an example the test can measure if there is any association between a respondent’s sex and their income levels where the income levels categorized into groups, (Downing, 2003). For the Chemist’s case, Chi Square Test would be used to test the independence of variables on the choice of a store by customers.   This would highlight the factors that influence a person’s choice of a store and advice would be given to the company on what to emphasize.   For the Publishing house survey, Chi Square Test would be used to determine the interactions between the factors.   The Chi Square Tests would indicate clear differences and whether or not the differences are significant.   This would enable us to either refute the null hypothesis or fail to reflect it.   For the jewelry stores study, T-Test best fits the study.   The T-test would show if there are significant differences in the average amounts spent and the sales.   T-test measures differences for continuous data (Downing, 2003).

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