Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Service operations management-Porcinis Pronto Assignment

Service operations management-Porcinis Pronto - Assignment Example This will be implemented through the limited menu that values the products and services at moderate or appropriate prices. The company has limited resources and also capabilities that are needed in establishing an effective and efficient brand presence. Hence, it is very challenging to initiate the brand power strategy, and also enhance the market growth and development. There is a dilemma in making a decision on which brand approach will be effective in both the domestic market and the international market. The brand to be decided on depends on ownership category that is either syndication or alternatively franchising. The main aim of the most appropriate ownership model is to propel the effectiveness of the organizational brand. Appropriately integrating the interests of organizational stakeholders is a challenging experience for the management of the organization. In the new business venture, the company must strive to maintain its core value of excellent food, and hence the quality of the services and the food products must be above board. The high standards of the organization is illustrated through the performance determining factors like, adequate pricing, high service, quality food products, appropriate branding, and suitable business venues. The campaign initiative aims at ensuring the business performance achieves a minimum of 6% of the hu rdle rate of the company. This performance can be achieved through majorly concentrating on quality improvement approaches (Heskett & Luecke, 2011). Several approaches are adopted to ensure the effectiveness of the Porcini’s Pronto brand, and also improve the operations of the company through approaches like expansion. The food service business was initiated in 2010. The outlets of the company are placed strategically along the interstate highway. The outlet locations are very suitable for attracting the travelling customers who desire high standards of food products and also food service. The locations are

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