Sunday, September 8, 2019

Marketing principle Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Marketing principle - Assignment Example for all the business involves the business adapting to some form online marketing through social media particularly in the industries where the trends are regularly evolving like the fashion industry. The usage of social media sites in the marketing strategy of the company continues to increase with the advancement in technology. Despite the popularity associated with it, the information that exists which seeks to answer questions that are concerned with efficiency and measure the return to investment, is still limited (Pradiptarini 1). Social media has provided a broad array of new opportunities for companies to engage in the promotion of their brands, goods as well as services. The personal autonomy as well as the freedom that is offered by the internets has allowed the active connection of people which, enables them to share their experiences and opinions concerning products and services. The benefits that are associated with social media in regard to businesses and the techniques that used to achieve success are yet to be fully understood. This essay will strive to enhance the understanding of social media marketing benefits to a business. The phenomenon referred to as Social media began in 1978 through the exchange of information via telephone cables using the Bulletin Board System. Presently, social media marketing and especially social networks have increased in significance in regard to the purchasing decisions of the customers simply because they broaden the scope of marketing. In the future, they may become more significant than the use of advertisements as a reliable source of product and company information for the customers. It should be noted that when marketing is done through social media, the marketers do not have absolute control over the message as well as positioning (Celine 12). Social media may be considered as a self-generated, genuine communication that occurs between persons concerning a specific subject of common interest, based on the

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