Friday, September 27, 2019

Organization communication today Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Organization communication today - Essay Example Therefore, they have ideas but cannot get the ideas to other levels of the organization. In addition, they are unable to listen to others. For this reason, they are behaving like the taxi driver who only holds soliloquies, but does not communicate with other people. It is the responsibility of executives in organizations to adopt critical approaches to communication. In order to achieve this, executives face the compulsion of establishing an effective communication feedback loop. Unless such a loop exists, communication breakdown in the organization leads to inefficiency. When organizations lack effective communication channels, it is as if they are talking to the mirrors just as the taxi driver. When they are talking to the mirror, it is impossible for them to communicate organizational goals to other levels of the organization. It is the role of executive teams to define visions and establish goals for the organization. They should rely on the established communication channels in an effort to inspire all the employees so that they can focus on organizational goals. When the executive teams fail to establish effective communication channels, such inspiration is impossible because they cannot get the intended message. Many organizations rely on short-circuited communication systems and expect positive outcomes. With a short-circuited communication system, it is impossible to communicate ideas and receive feedback from employees. Therefore, a short-circuited system blinds the executive team making it extremely difficult to identify existing problems in the organization. If the communications systems were effective, it would be possible for the executive team to develop viable solutions in good time. However, when the type of communication resembles that of the taxi driver, the executive team lacks the capacity to initiate any strategies that would address organizational problems. Other

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