Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The influence of Jesus in Contemporary education system Essay

The influence of Jesus in Contemporary education system - Essay Example Impress these commands upon your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up." (1). The life and principles of Jesus and the theories of his followers has a great impact in every field of the society particularly in education system. The schooling and education system moulds a child in his/her earliest stage to live in the present stage as a good human being .For this the education system has to adopt various principles which may help to guide the students in order to live with dignity in this world. The importance of principles of Jesus Christ and its adoption in the education system lies here. In this context let’s explore the influence of the Jesus in the contemporary education system.... In this environment our children are being trained according to God's purpose on earth with concentric vision of how to accomplish this purpose. They, as vital parts of the community, are being prepared to attain to the highest goal possible in this life - to enter the kingdom of heaven."The life and principles of Jesus always enrooted in "morality". Now let's discuss the aspect of this principle in the modern education system. Moral education (character education) The issue of moral education raises many questions for contemporary teachers. They always face a number of question regarding the moral education of students, for e.g., the question regarding 1. Whose morality should be the standard 2. What values should be stressed, 3. How would education of this sort be approached and 4. Should moral education be a matter of content or an exercise in moral reflectionTime-honored pedagogical methods often contain valuable insights for contemporary education. Jesuit schools, which are emerged between the 16th and 19th3 centuries, in Europe in their tradition of theatre, have adopted such method. Theatre in Jesuit schools created an aesthetic environment in which students could both ponder their relationship to the world, and evaluate the consequences of human action Jesuit schoolsThe Society of Jesus, commonly known as

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