Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Personal Media Diary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Personal Media Diary - Essay Example Over a period of four days, I recorded the time spent on the different form of media. After which I recorded the findings in a table below. Prior to this exercise, I had never contemplated on the amount of time I spent on different forms of media. I often listen to the radio as I drive but I had never assumed that I spent such an amount of time on the radio. I realized that I often use social particularly Facebook to keep in touch with my friend. This s mainly because I have quite a tight schedule and rarely get time to meet each of them individually. On the other hand, I realized that most of the calls I make are to my family members. The results for the four days were as displayed in figure 1 below Figure 2 is a chart representing the time spent on the different media. The vertical axis shows the time spent in minutes while the horizontal axis shows the use of different media types for the different days. Media production is the measure of the time spent on different media to produce or develop something. In the contemporary society, social media has become one of the commonest means of communication that many people including the journalist are increasingly adopting ( Web). Many media houses often release their updates through social networks such as Facebook and twitter. As demonstrated on the chart labeled figure 2, Facebook, phone, TV, and radio are my most preferred media types. Although TV and Radio are amongst the oldest types of media, they are still commonly used for informative as well as entertainment purposes. I tend to watch TV a lot. This is because I usually relax and watch TV after school in addition to the time spent with the family as we watch the news. Additionally, I tend to watch a lot of movies different television Networks. I rarely rent movies but I often find myself

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