Monday, February 24, 2020

Crucibles of Leadership by Warren G. Bennis Article

Crucibles of Leadership by Warren G. Bennis - Article Example In order to understand thoughts, opinions and impacts of the article it is important to first present a brief discussion about authors of ‘Crucibles of Leadership’. Warren Bennis who is the leading author of the article was born in 1925 and he is now recognized as the American scholar. He played a significant role in the development of modern leadership as a comprehensive field whereas he is also an organizational consultant (About Warren Bennis). He is renowned for his influence over people and also for introducing new concepts to the overall business approach. Robert J. Thomas is the fellow author of Bennis who contributed in the development of this article. He is a senior member and an associate partner with the Accenture Institute for Strategic Change. His profound thoughts have enabled him to understand the deeper concepts of leadership. On the basis of his knowledge and experience he has been able to help individuals to identify leaders within them. The message pre sented in the ‘Crucibles of Leadership’ can be categorized as following (Bennis):Differences and Learning: As discussed previously that a crucible is actually an experience which alters the sense of identity of an individual. One of the commonly known types of crucibles is prejudice experience. When a person fall prey to prejudice then he is particularly forced to project a vague image of her or himself. The experience is highly traumatic in nature which also sometimes leads to the development of anger.

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