Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Imagine you are Marco Essay Example for Free

Imagine you are Marco Essay Imagine you are Marco. Write a letter to your wife telling her about your journey to America, where you are staying and your work. Eddie and Beatrice Carbone 441 Saxon Street BROOKLYN NEW YORK U. S. A Dear family and friends I am missing you all desperately. It has been two months since I have seen you all. The journey was in cramped conditions, we experienced a mix of storms and showers. This didnt bother Rodolpho or me as the fishing trips to Africa and Yugoslavia prepared us well. I spent most of my time conversing with another group of Sicilians. We shared our hopes of America. Our main worry was that we would be caught getting off the boat and deported. The travelling was long and boring with loud thunderstorms at night, which made it impossible to sleep. Because of the large amounts of people on the ship it was very cramped. We had to sleep on the floor, which was hard and uncomfortable. The only way I stayed sane was thinking of succeeding at the American dream and returning to Sicily as rich as some of the tourists! When the ship docked in Brooklyn a very kind and hospitable man named Tony Bereli met us at the pier. He dropped us off at Beatrices house were we are temporarily staying. I was surprised at how nice Beatrices house was after Bereli described it as a slum. Over here in America people live in apartment blocks and estates instead of the shacks were used to back home. New York is a great city. At first I was some what taken aback by the citys daily hustle and bustle. Its so different from the town in Sicily where we know everyone. Beatrice looked very pleased to see us and asked after you and the childrens welfare. She introduced us to her niece Catherine who has stayed with them all her life as her parents died when she was very young. They were both very welcoming but Beatrices husband Eddie seemed as though he was a bit uneasy with our presence. Eddie told us about working on the docks as a longshoreman. He said we could earn up to forty dollars a week! The house is small with five people in it but I cannot complain otherwise I would be out on the streets. I am pleased to say both Rodolpho and me have found work as longshoremen loading and offloading things from other countries like coffee and tea. Whenever I get paid I will send the money home for you and the children. The main things I miss apart from you and the children are the scenery and the warm weather. In New York its cold with wall-to-wall skyscrapers. Rodolpho has taken to the bright lights of New York like a duck to water. He and Catherine seem to have something going on. Last week she took him on a grand tour of the city ending up in up in the Paramount Cinema. They arrived back at about midnight, Eddie was furious. He said Catherine had never been out so late. Eddie is too over protective of Catherine; he treats her like a kid! Its as if he is trying to keep Catherine for himself! Eddie treats Rodolpho like dirt. He insulted him calling him Danish because of his blonde hair. Eddie then went on to teach Rodolpho boxing classes in which he gave himself a good excuse to beat him up. Unprovoked incidents like these anger me. I wanted to get up and defend Rodolpho but didnt want to offend Beatrice. I asked Eddie if he could lift a chair from the bottom, he failed to do this. Then I lifted the chair over my head and looked him in the eye. This was my way of gaining a physical and mental advantage over Eddie. The look of defeat on Eddies face was a picture! How are Maria and Luigi? I am missing them so much. As soon as I get paid I will send money so you can buy Luigi some money for his chest. Tell them I wish I could be with them but I had no choice about leaving, wed have starved otherwise. I am working overtime everyday so I can come home to you and the kids soon. Then we will have plenty of food and will never have to worry about starving again. Take care of yourself and the kids. I will write soon Marco xxxxxx Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Arthur Miller section.

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