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Ethics and Morality in Vegetarianism - 1934 Words

â€Å"The assumption that animals are without rights, and the illusion that their treatment has no moral significance is a positively outrageous example of Western crudity and barbarity. Universal compassion is the only guarantee of morality.(Schopenhauer). I always wondered why some people are not so drawn to the consumption of meat and fed up with only one thought about it. Why so many people loathe of blood, and why so few people can easily kill and be slaughter animal, until they just get used to it? This reaction should say something about the most important moments in the code, which was programmed in the human psyche. Realization the necessity of refraining from meat is especially difficult because people consume it for a long time,†¦show more content†¦An ancient Greek philosopher and scientist Pythagoras was convinced that whoever kills an animal without any remorse can easily kill a man. Other philosophers were even more straightforward and indicated that cruelty to animals leads to wars. It leads me to believe that the attitude towards animals is not something we can merely write-off as a showcase of the innate â€Å"cruelty of man†, but an indicator of our societys ethical level. If more people become aware of the suffering and death of animals that we, as a people, have caused, and acknowledge it, it would be a small, but significant sign of moral growth. Although moral principles have gained increasing recognition due to their usefulness for the society, i.e. for pragmatic reasons, the evolution of ethics had different roots – psychological and spiritual. It is based on the person’s ability for empathy: which is the basis of moral behavior of a person, his kindness, and decency. It can be argued that the ability for empathy separates man from the world of animals. With the development of spirituality and feelings of compassion, people began to feel uncomfortable by the fact that their actions were constantly associated with the infliction of suffering to other beings, and even their death. Even in ancient times, high minds have concluded that man,Show MoreRelatedA Relativist Is More Tolerant?1314 Words   |  6 Pagesrisk of being left out of the conversation. Overall, I feel as though conventions are born out of morality, but morality can supersedes conventions. I think that Warren would agree with moral relativism rather than moral universalism. She emphasized the importance of context when discussing vegetarianism in chapter six of her book. For instance, on page 133, she claims that, â€Å"Reasons for moral vegetarianism as a practice in a given circumstance will be affected by contexts of personal relations, genderRead MoreEthics : Ethics And Ethics1485 Words   |  6 Pages Ethics is a concept derived from an individual’s religion, philosophies or culture, forming a collection of moral principles carrying out the manner in which a person leads their life. In modern society philosophers divide ethical theories into three separate areas, meta-ethics, normative ethics and applied ethics. Meta-ethics refer to the origins and meanings of ethical principles, dealing with the nature of moral judgement. Normative ethics refers to what is right and wrong and concerned withRead MorePersuasive Speech On Animal Eating Animals760 Words   |  4 Pageslifestyle. Eating a diet without any meat or animal flesh not only produces animal liberation but also personal health benefits as well as environmental improvement. Embracing a vegetarian lifestyle enables an individual to closely examine the morality and ethics behind the animal-raising for human consumption. While it’s a natural cycle of animals eating animals, however, humans haven’t been using natural methods to keep the cycle going. Factories raising animals on farms often use genetic selectionRead MoreVegetarianism, A Healthier Way of Life1410 Words   |  6 PagesVegetarianism; A Healthier Way Of Life In today’s society, one in which obesity is hugely prevalent and cancer incidents increase exponentially compared to the fewer numbers of past generations, we must open our eyes to the frightening truths about our unhealthy lifestyles. Our lifestyle choices not only cause damage to the human body but to the environment as well. One of the largest factors relating to the general decline of people’s health as well as contributing to the decline of the environmentRead MoreThe Philosophy Of Buddhism And The Buddhist Ethics Course1761 Words   |  8 PagesFinal Reflection Paper Buddhism has been relevant to my life throughout my own cultural experiences and knowledge that I received from the Buddhist Ethics course taught by Dr. Geoffrey Barstow. The ideas and practices of Buddhism were not limited to my best knowledge and continuously expanded as I went over the introduction level of the course. The study of Buddhism opened to me various aspects that were beyond what I had known. The most standing out topic seemed to change my perspective in BuddhismRead MoreThe Ethical Argument For Veganism1685 Words   |  7 Pagesdefined by John Stuart Mill, and Deontological ethics according to Immanuel Kant. Through the use of these theories, I will justify the moral worth and legitimacy of the animal welfare debate that is often used to promote a cruelty-free and vegan lifestyle by analyzing questions of animal sentience, the worth of an animal’s happiness, and the right humanity supposedly has to the lives of other living creatures. Utilitarianism and Deontol ogical ethics will provide two philosophical insights into theRead MoreVegetarianism : A Moral Debate2300 Words   |  10 PagesVegetarianism: A Moral Debate One of the most common moral debates is that of whether one should become vegetarian or not. Some of the factors that help tip that scale include religious practices and beliefs, environmental issues, animal rights and health issues. Vegetarianism is no longer a question of morality surrounding the maltreatment and slaughter of many innocent animals, but also on how hugely livestock production is affecting our environment. Furthermore, many people choose to become vegetarianRead MoreEssay on An Argument for Vegetarianism3824 Words   |  16 PagesAn Argument for Vegetarianism ABSTRACT: In this paper I propose to answer the age-old reductio against vegetarianism, which is usually presented in the form of a sarcastic question ( e.g., How do you justify killing and eating plants?). Addressing the question takes on special significance in the light of arguments which seem to show that even nonsentient life is intrinsically valuable. Thus, I suggest that we rephrase the question in the following manner: When beings (who are biological andRead MoreFollowers of Hinduism1038 Words   |  5 Pagesor a single system morality. Christianity has a central religious authority, and includes the concept of a single prophet, unlike Hinduism. Hindus make up fourteen percent of the worlds population, that’s just over 950 million followers of Hinduism. India has the largest population of Hindus. Hinduism is often considered by many as a way of life. A Dharma is the law that governs all actions of the Hindu people. It includes its own beliefs, traditions, advanced system of ethics, meaningful ritualsRead MoreDescription Of A Vegetarian On The Vegan Zone Essay1474 Words   |  6 Pagestakes responsibility to take action for the betterment of body, mind and surroundings. There are mainly four types of vegans who have different approaches to living life in the vegan zone. B. The first type of vegans are driven by a principle of morality. Ethics are essentially standards that guide one toward the right thing to do and that is what an Ethical Vegan does by boycotting animal by-products and shunning entertainment exploitation of animals. These vegans do not even wear cosmetics tested on

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